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Chris Hobel

Chris Hobel

Sunshine Coast, Qld


Sunrise Beach Queensland Australia
Contemporary Painter and Tutor in Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media, Collage and Drawing

Both a figurative and abstract painter, Chrisís art is constantly evolving reflecting the beauty found in nature with emphasis on the process of striving to express its essence through colour and texture. From combing the beach to recycling household packaging, she collects items which may provide experimental mark making tools for playful exploration into the world of light, colour and design. Unexpected results may trigger the imagery that inspires and motivates her from the changing local environment and past memories of her travels.
Her current art practice focuses on exploring the application of highly textured oils, acrylics or mixed media with both conventional and found tools. They are complex works consisting of many paint layers creating a rich vibrant and colourful set of textures. The magic and joy for her is in their execution and the enjoyment they give to others
Chris enjoys learning and sharing her knowledge with her weekly tutored class

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Formal Qualifications
BA Dip Ed (4 years) UNSW
Dip in Visual Communication (Graphic Design (3 years) Queensland College of Art
Teaching Career
Full Time High School NSW, ACT
Social Sciences, Geography, Commerce Art
Teacher Qld TAFE Folk Art
Private Studios
Art Related
Free Lance Graphic Designer:
Published Writer of many Instructional Painting Articles for Art Magazines:
Judge Folk Art Ekka:
Winner of numerous painting prizes:
Sponsored by Chroma Paints, Teacher Artist Partnering Programme

Exhibitions and Sales Numerous, work held in collections world wide


Field of Light Oil Painting by Chris Hobel


French Street by Chris Hobel


Tuscan Village Memories by Chris Hobel


French Lavender Provence Palette Knife Painting by Chris Hobel


Italian Hillside Village Oil Painting by Chris Hobel


Tuscan vinyard painting by Chris Hobel


Monte Martre Paris by Chris Hobel


Italian Village by Chris Hobel


French Cafe Avignon Palette Knife Oil Painting by Chris Hobel


San Donato Village Italy by Chris Hobel


Monets garden Painting Palette Knife by Chris Hobel


Tuscan Village by Chris Hobel


French Village by Chris Hobel


Tuscan Flower pot oil painting by Chris Hobel


Poppies in Tuscany by Chris Hobel


Tuscan Villa Hillside by Chris Hobel


French Villlage Painting by Chris Hobel


Tuscan Abandoned Farm Shed by Chris Hobel


Tuscan Hilltop village by Chris Hobel


Vintage Roses Shabby Chic Roses Painting Print by Chris Hobel


Shabby Chic Pink Roses Cake Painting by Chris Hobel


cup and saucer roses by Chris Hobel


French Window Pink Roses Painting by Chris Hobel


pink and yellow roses in teapot painting by Chris Hobel


Pretty Pastel Roses Painting by Chris Hobel


Shabby Chic Pink Roses Painting on Aqua Background by Chris Hobel


Rose Abundance Painting by Chris Hobel


Olives Painting by Chris Hobel


Pineapple Fruit Painting by Chris Hobel


pears on blue original acrylic painting by Chris Hobel


oranges on blue acrylic original painting by Chris Hobel


Blue Eggplants by Chris Hobel


Australian Outback Painting The way home by Chris Hobel


Funky Apples Painting by Chris Hobel


Noosa Sunset by Chris Hobel


Oil Painting from Mt Cooroy Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia by Chris Hobel


Rainbow Valley Australia by Chris Hobel


Glasshouse Mountains Queensland by Chris Hobel


French Lavender field by Chris Hobel


Butterfly Mixed media painting by Chris Hobel


Waterlilly by Chris Hobel


Glorious Roses by Chris Hobel


tropical water lily painting by Chris Hobel


pink roses oval framed by Chris Hobel


sunlit tree palette knfe painting by Chris Hobel


red roses painting by Chris Hobel


crysanthymums by Chris Hobel


Queensland Mango Tree Belli Park Oil Painting by Chris Hobel